Case Study:

Beauty Loft

Beauty Loft in Bedford, New Hampshire is a start-up, high-end boutique spa specializing in luxury holistic & corrective face & body services with a fresh take on the industry.

They approached us with a desire to  project their brand's vision of a soothing atmosphere of earth tones & lavender paired with incredibly organic product displays.

We we're tasked with infusing elements of the natural & organic into their cutting-edge, bespoke skin treatments to create a brand identity exuding relaxation, wellness, peace, & expertise in the spa & wellness industry.

The results, we hope, speak for themselves.

Website design
Logo + graphics
CMS + blog
Social media 
SSL hosting
Brand identity
Written content
Print media



We set out to create a user experience centered around effortless online reservations & product purchases built with mobile users in mind.

We built the site to be informative for new visitors while keeping it stream-lined for returning guests.

Mobile design played a key roll in making sure online reservations were fast & intuitive for clients on the go. It was more than just 'make it look good on just about everything', but making the site 'feel' and behave more like a tool.


That's why we took the core bits of the business & structured the pages and content around a flow that guides & encourages users into taking action- booking a service.

Purposeful design relies on strategy- not chance- to drive sales.



We integrated a 3rd party scheduling suite & payment gateway customized to match the look & feel of the site. We organized core services & categories, tweaked lots of code, then baked it directly into the website for super-fast reservations.


Currently in development. We're building a shop to give Beauty Loft a place to sell their high-end cosmetics & beauty supplies all over the globe.

We are in the process of setting up Shopify as a merchant gateway and product catalogue, using a customized 3rd party CMS suite to power it all on their website.



We went through many iterations with the client on type-face, sizes, shapes & other configurations before overwhelmingly agreeing on...

...which managed to portray serenity + playfulness while remaining gorgeous & care-free.


A few iterations worth sharing illustrate how design influences mood.

Prototype : a :

Close, but not quite. After deliberating we agreed that while the icon was stunning & could stand well on its own, the overall tone was off. Though, it contained assets that we'd incorporate in the final version.

Prototype : b & c :

One of our original prototypes emphasized a custom-drawn font with a "t" resembling threading- an ancient technique for fine hair removal. Ultimately, the aquamarine, type-face, and hand-drawn stone textures didn't quite evoke the emotions we wanted & so the quest continued.

Prototype : d :

This prototype proved to be a bit on the serious side. We liked the asymmetrical balance paired with sans-serif font, but the horizontal length wasn't as desirable.


Part of our Identity Package, we created a large collection of graphical assets to compliment the Beauty Loft brand in print and on the web including iconography, typeface, textures, imagery, and more.

All of which combine to create a visual experience that is soothing, organic & authentic.

Icon examples:

Supportive icons help identify available services without relying on text. A charcoal-drawn look helps strengthen the organic feel of the brand.

Typeface example : a :

These two typefaces were paired to compliment their strengths- creating a bold yet playful heading.

Typeface example : b :

For the body, a sans-serif was chosen to juxtapose the heading, with each leading letter highlighted with script to add interest and elegance to longer paragraphs.